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Junior Pass

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

SGD $1,226

Junior Pass


a. Access to Forest City Golf Resort - Legacy Course and Classic Course.


Golfing Fee for 9 Holes Walking Rate - RM50 nett.

Golfing Fee for 9 Holes Walking Rate (if Signed Up Golf Lesson Package with Resident Professional) – RM25 nett.

Can be used on any day, i.e. weekday and weekend, include of Public Holiday in Malaysia.

Golf Lesson Package:

Quarterly Package: RM 5,000 (13 Weeks, 2 Sessions per Week, Total 39hrs (13 Hours Driving range + 26 Hours of 9-Hole-Course])

Half-Year Package: RM 9,000 (26 Weeks, 2 Sessions per Week, Total 78hrs [26 Hours Driving range + 52 Hours of 9-Hole-Course])

Annual Package: RM 15,600 (52 Weeks, 2 Sessions per Week, Total 156hrs [52 Hours Driving range + 104 Hours of 9-Hole-Course])

c. No Monthly Subscription and Administrative Fee.

d. 20% Discount on Driving Range Facilities - Not Inclusive of Beverages.

e. Complimentary Access to Practice Area (Chipping, Putting and Bunker).

f. SGD rates for reference only. Final transaction will be based on Ringgit Malaysia.


Disclaimer: All products & services featured are offered by third party providers. As such, the details such as promotions, pricing and availability are subjected to changes and they should always be confirmed with the relevant providers.

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